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More to Come…

Keep coming back, because I will be updating and restoring bits of the old website when and as I can.

Pair O' Noyas
AWITS Founder, Webmaster, Chief Cook & Bottle-Washer


Out with the Old…

Good-bye, old friend!

Back in 2002, when MoH:AA was brand-new, we somehow managed to design and put together a website for the fledgling AWITS Community.

The homepage you see above was a table-based, FrontPage-dependent Frankenstein's Monster of an effort, and if you looked at some of the hacks and kludges in the code — well, it wasn't pretty.

We hope you like the result!


to our new website.

Because the old one was based on outmoded web tech, was table-based, full of hacks and didn't incorporate Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), we thought it was time for a makeover.

Hope you like it!

That's Not the Forum…


Forums are what everyone used to do before they went nuts for blogs and Facebook.

While blogs and Facebook have their place, a forum offers a unique kind of give-and-take that lends itself to the formation of communities.

And that's what AWITS has always been: “a community, not a clan,” like it says at the very top of the page.

AWITS started in 2002 as a community that offered gaming for grown-ups, in the long-ago days of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, that ground-breaking WW2 FPS. A bunch of like-minded players found each other in multiplayer servers, and even though MoH:AA was all keyboard, we found that we were sometimes doing “more chatting than splatting.” We knew we needed a place just to interact, and that's how the first AWITS Community Forums got their start.

New Forums…

So Far…

we've managed to rendezvous with the following personnel at the new HQ:

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Pair O' Noyas • AWITS Founder • 25 Dec 2010 · 00:24 hrs

Pair O' Noyas nameplate

Lagger • AWITS Veteran • 25 Dec 2010 · 09:26 hrs

Lagger nameplate

BR1 Capt. Andrews • AWITS Veteran • 26 Dec 2010 · 00:34 hrs

Captain Andrews nameplate

Twig Masters • AWITS Ally • 26 Dec 2010 · 19:30 hrs

MaxKlinger • AWITS Veteran • 26 Dec 2010 · 19:39 hrs

Max nameplate

Mac • AWITS Ally • 27 Dec 2010, 05:44 04 Jan 2011 · 01:44 hrs

ErikvonKrautenheimer • AWITS Veteran • 27 Dec 2010, 09:57 08 Jan 2011 · 06:07 hrs

ErikvonKrautenheimer nameplate

[AWITS] Zeddio • AWITS Veteran • 27 Dec 2010, 20:34 07 Jan 2011 · 21:09 hrs

Zsddio nameplate

alex • AWITS Veteran • 28 Dec 2010, 00:18 01 Jan 2011 · 18:52 hrs

Alex nameplate

Biggles • AWITS Ally • 31 Dec 2010, 00:26 31 Dec 2010 · 14:19 hrs

Biggles avatar

The Mailman • AWITS Veteran • 31 Dec 2010, 16:43 07 Jan 2011 · 06:09 hrs

Mailman nameplate

Pvt Joker • AWITS Veteran • 01 Jan 2011, 20:30 07 Jan 2011 · 18:15 hrs

Joker nameplate

Deathsquad • AWITS Ally • 05 Jan 2011, 10:58 05 Jan 2011 · 15:07 hrs

Doc_Benway • AWITS Medic • who never really left, and is there when you need him

Doc Benway picture

And One More…

who was lost to us in 2005 and won't make it back to the new HQ, but whose memory and spirit lives on in our hearts:

Vexal • AWITS Veteran • In Memoriam

Vexal in memoriam

If you run into…

anyone else from the old crew, tell 'em how to get here — they're welcome any time.

Same Old Crew

Some of it, anyway…

But most of them are pretty old…


A W I T S   is  A Walk In The Sun

AWITS has offered gaming for grownups since before it was cool — AWITS was founded in October 2002!
This site is for grown-ups (and people who can act grown-up) who like gaming — particularly WW2 shooters.
If that's you — welcome!

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